BEAUFORT MEDIA is a vibrant and fast-growing online media company with an innovative digital service portfolio on offer. The foundation for this success story is a constantly growing customer base which includes renowned companies and established startups in the online sector. The portfolio comprises direct services and consultancy in the fields of content and e-commerce. The cornerstone of BEAUFORT MEDIA’s strategy is the Independent Publishing online portal, with numerous quality portals adding to our offering. Our global footprint allows us to serve an increasingly international clientele.



The BEAUFORT MEDIA vision is to offer its growing customer base a wide range of content from a large pool of talented authors. With Independent Publishing as its main online portal, BEAUFORT MEDIA provides a platform for authors to write informative articles and how-to guides that help internet users solve everyday problems. This platform is slated to expand to the world of online video, as we seek to share knowledge through other interactive methods. With this foundation, BEAUFORT MEDIA will go from being a fresh face in the online media space to one of Europe’s most trusted and sought-after portals, featuring value-added content over a range of hundreds of topics.